10 de abril de 2024

Is it possible to apply to Spanish Golden Visa?

Is it possible to apply to Spanish Golden Visa?

President Pedro Sanchez’s recent announcement regarding the removal of the Spanish Golden Visa program has sparked concern and curiosity among prospective investors and immigrants. While the decision to abolish the program has been made, it’s essential to understand the current landscape and what steps individuals can take in the interim.


The end of the Spanish Golden Visa: What applicants need to know

The Spanish Golden Visa, introduced in 2013, offered residency to non-EU citizens who invested a significant amount in Spanish real estate or other qualifying ventures. This program was instrumental in attracting foreign investment and boosting the real estate sector in Spain.

However, President Sanchez’s administration has decided to discontinue the program, citing various reasons, including concerns about housing affordability and allegations of corruption and misuse. While the decision has been made, the removal process is expected to take several months to finalize.

President Sanchez announces the removal of Spanish Golden Visa

For those considering the Spanish Golden Visa, the announcement may raise questions about the feasibility of obtaining residency through this route. While the program is being phased out, there may still be opportunities available for eligible applicants during this transition period.

Individuals interested in pursuing the Spanish Golden Visa should act swiftly and consult with immigration experts to explore their options. It’s crucial to understand the timeline for the program’s discontinuation and any potential changes to application processes or requirements.

In conclusion, while the Spanish Golden Visa program is set to be phased out, individuals interested in residency in Spain should remain proactive and informed. Despite the impending removal of the program, there may still be opportunities for eligible applicants in the interim. Consulting with immigration professionals and staying updated on regulatory changes will be key to navigating this evolving landscape effectively.


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